Lighters are high volume consumables and our lighter line consists of a variety of disposable and refillable styles. Solaray can even customize lighters with your company's name and logo- advertise while making a profit!

Solaray offers a wide selection of lighter displays, a small 200 ct to a large 450-ct display. All displays accommodate a Turbo lighter display on top. To maximize sales opportunities, our servicemen constantly rotate the type and style of lighter products based on trends and store by store results.

Plain and Print Lighters- Plain lighters come in a wide array of vibrant colors. Print lighters have humorous sayings on them.

Novelty Lighters- Novelty lighters come in assorted creative themes. These electronic lighters entice customers with bright colors and intriguing designs.

Logo Lighters- Sport your store’s logo! Four-color company logos can be printed on each lighter. Logo lighters are electronic, high quality, low cost lighters.

Brio Lighters- Brio lighters compete closely with Bic lighters. They have remarkable child safety mechanisms that surpassed most competitors in safety tests.

Bic Lighters- Bic lighters are known to be one of the highest quality lighters available. Regular Bics and Mini Bics are available in a variety of colors.

Turbo Lighters- With color changing flames, music, flashing lights, and floating glitter they are as entertaining as they are functional.

Flip Tops Lighters- Flip Top lighters provide a wide array of designs that include unique artwork, designs, and pictures.

Zippo Lighters- Whether you are a collector or just need to light a candle, Zippo lighters are in high demand. Zippos lighters are great for gifts!

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